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Michelle created the suit for me in 2017.  It has gotten so much attention and people love the red, black, and white Dutch Angel Dragon.  This year (2018) I cannot make it to a convention but hopefully will be back in 2019.  Monster Cat Creations is one of the best fursuit designers.  Michelle is a very talented young woman with a great mentor (Skypro).  I was able to meet Telephone last year and hoping to one day meet Voodoo.  Thank you for your…

David S – Pyro

Michelle is such a sweet person! She’s very flexible and really knows her stuff. She gave me a price for my characters suit and actually set up a payment plan for me which was very helpful at the time. Once I paid off my suit it was time to make my duct tape dummy (DTD) and I had issues with that. I am on the heavy side and it took 3 different times to try to make this DTD. Ultimately I couldn’t make…

Maeghan Mauzey – Onyx-DutchAD

Working with Monatercatcreations was fantastic! They are excellent on communication and quality. My suit is flawless in every way, shape and form. I can litterly wear it for hours because it is that comfortable. I really love my suit and look forward to comisssioning monster cat again!

April Biersack – Match

Working with Voodoo was very pleasant. She is super friendly and has a very good response time. The quality of the suit is amazing, I haven’t had any issues with it besides one small area on the tail feathers that was easily sewn back. The shaving is very smooth, symmetry is excellent and it is a perfect fit on my head. Overall 10/10 service, I would definitely recommend working with her.