Here at Monster Cat Creations we are dedicated to bringing your character to life by using high quality products such as high quality furs, custom bases, and handmade items. We love a challenge and are not afraid to take on detailed designs. We feel each suit we make is unique and deserve full attention to details. We look forward to bringing your character to life!

About your maker:

​Michelle also known as Mon has been building fursuits since 2011 and is dedicated to bringing your character to life as a piece of art to be worn. She is always open to new ideas that can be adapted into the process of building the costume in order to provide the best costume and customer service to her customers. Though she has been building since 2011 there are still many new things to learn. Michelle is passionate about her job building suits, loves seeing the character come to life and the joy that character being made brings her customers, especially when they receive their costume allowing them the freedom to be who they want to be, to be able to socialize where they may not normally be able to and all the fun they have being that character.

About Bubble Monster:

This past year we made a new addition to our company known as Bubble Monster. Bubble Monster is a branch of Monster Cat Creations run by our co-worker Melissa who is also known as Roja. Bubble monster is our line of fur suit sprays, soaps, bath bombs ect., Which can be purchased in our online store and at conventions we attend as dealers. Bubble Monster is dedicated to bringing you quality items for keeping your fur suit smelling fresh during a convention or event, along with personal hygiene items and more. We have a wide range of scents available along with custom made scents upon request to ensure you are happy with the way you and your suit smell.

M.C.C. History:

Monster Cat Creations started making suits in 2011 in Mon’s parents home before she purchased a small workshop to put on the property as she had outgrown her work room, and soon rented her first home in 2013 with her Fiance, in 2014 Mon was able to move forward with purchasing her own home where she spent 3 years working, in 2015 Mon was taken in and trained by Skypro Fursuits to further her ability in making suits. In 2017 We had outgrown our workshop and moved yet again to our new location in Kittanning PA where we are currently located. This past year we introduced a new line to Monster Cat Creations known as Bubble Monster which is also located in the Monster Cat workshop. We hope to have many more years of bringing your characters to life and dealing at conventions soon.